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Discuss the ways Distinctive Voices communicate distinctive experiences in the set text One Night The Moon directed by Rachel Perkins and ONE other related text of your own choosing.

The complex nature of the development and growth of distinctive voices may be influenced by societal pressure, individuals (and the perspective of individuals). Rachel Perkin’s filmic Opera One Night The Moon, and Tim Winton’s short story The Sand explores how distinctive communication and experiences often influence the ways the protagonists view the world, society and others. Through distinctive experiences identities are shaped as they deal with issues of conflict, and values concerning with the quality of relationships and forgiveness.

Societal pressure can hinder the development of the expression of self-discerning distinctive voices. In One Night The Moon Rachel Perkin’s uses derogatory language of “blacks” in “Now listen here. No blacks on my land” to convey the way of thinking as it depicts powerfully the father’s racist perspective on Indigenous people. It (the impact) illustrates ignorance and narrow-mindedness of the general Australian / European community. Interestingly, (ii) the European that have developed a relationship with the first nation’s people present a respect and understanding of these people. Perkin’s uses a framing shot of the wife in the window the space of which the protagonist is framed in presents the symbolic idea of disconnection from the world around her and to express her similar narrow minded views as the husband. Her distinctive voice is not self-developed as it is greatly influenced by society and its pressures and individuals such as her husband.

i. Jim Ryan’s voice, perhaps as an extension of the bias in Aust.…