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Rodrigo Lobo Period 7 Argumentative essays help the reader to understand the opinions. Those opinions are based in several reasons that are listed with coherence. The goal of the argumentative paper is to convince the audience that the claim or opinion is true (Source 1). You have to analyze your essay in order to make it essay to understand to the reader and to convince them why you think in that way about that specific topic. You have to plan your essay, having an idea is essential, then make the structure with logic, list your evidence, support those statements with your ideas, include the opposition and refutations and conclude your message. The first thing you should do before typing is planning what you going to do. Planning your essay gives you benefits; you get content, logic, structure, and coverage (Source 2). Planning is not a waste of time; in fact it gives you ideas of how you are going to transmit your message and explanation. It Helps to change your mind, order structure and place your blocks (Source 2). There are no mistakes in planning, is a model, but it is still very important, and it is the difference between a well-made essay and a disorganized one. You have to think about the structure of you essay; they need an introduction, body and conclusion (Source 2). In the introduction you have to introduce the reader in the topic, explaining how the context or the ambient is; then you have to add what your essay is going to guide: your thesis statement. The thesis statement is a long sentence that include or your evidences listed and all your next paragraphs will be related to it and will present an argument to support it. The next paragraphs will answer the thesis statement with reasons; try to vary the length and beginnings of the arguments to keep readers interested in your