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From the beginning to end, the main character Equaility 7-2521, in the book Anthem made many changes. One change that Equality made was became an individual. In the beginning of the novella, Equality didn’t see himself as an individual. He didn’t even see him self at all. Another change that Equality made was he became brave. Originally, he was weak, and scared of the House of the Scholars, but he soon realized that he could be brave and stand up to them. The two major changes that Equality made were, becoming an individual, and becoming brave. In the beginning, Equality never really understood the word self.
“Men never see their own faces and never ask their brothers about it, for it is evil to have concern for their own faces or bodies,” (chapter 5.) He was told that everyone must do everything the same and everyone must be the same. Everyone was equal. Equality never really saw the ‘I,’ in himself and never experienced individuality. In chapter seven, he runs away to the forest to protect this unnamed, undefined idea of the light bulb that he created himself. This was his individual idea that he knew could get him in a lot of trouble. One day after escaping into the woods, he finally met himself at a flowing stream and gained new confidence. This was when Equality finally found himself as an "I,” and knew that he finally was individual. Additionally, Equality became braver. In the beginning he was very innocent. He followed all the rules and behaved well.