Essay on English Writing Vs Online Writing

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GR8 news: Were entering a new era of literacy

1. After reading the title, predict what the article is going to be about.

When I looked at the title I presumed it was going to be about how technology being introduced into today's everyday life. I thought it would talk about the past and how technology is reshaping how we write today. “Were entering a new era of literacy” is silently telling you how we have gotten so advanced to the point where we almost totally change the way where

2. What is the main idea in paragraph 1? Highlight it.
The main idea of the first paragraph is how people are putting less and less effort into their work and are still able to get published with minimal effort. It tells you how people are not even spelling words correctly because there’s spellcheck. In the article it talks about whateverism, meaning that we make lots of mistakes when typing and just say whatever like it doesn’t matter that their making mistakes in there grammer. In this digital age, all it takes is a Web connection to get published, a cellphone to send a letter to the editor, a blog to tell the invisible world how much you love your cat - and judging from the mass of ever-growing words out there, we have a lot to say. But how well are we saying it?

3. What is the main idea in paragraph 2? Highlight it.

The second paragraph highlights the misuse of punctuation in our society and how it seems we just don't care anymore. Describing the fate that awaited prose in a world overrun by texting, John Sutherland, emeritus professor of modern English literature at University College London, made a dire pronouncement: Texters, he wrote in a column in the Daily Mail, are the "Genghis Khans" of the written word, "pillaging our punctuation; savaging our sentences; raping our vocabulary. And they must be stopped."

4. What does Naomi Baron think will happen the more we write online?

Naomi Baron is the origin of the term "linguistic whateverism," she said, “That the more we write online the worse writers we will become.” Writing on paper is becoming more and rarer because of the continuous use of spell check on the internet. Because you are able to use spellcheck almost everywhere on any technological device Naomi think it will be the downfall of good grammar.

5. How does a study from Stanford University in California see it?

California's Stanford University made some studys that show a different view on things like blog postings, journal entries, e-mails, PowerPoint presentations ect. the students at the schools knew then not to use their texting grammar and not abuse it.

6. How is our literacy evolving?

Our technology has advanced to the point where we don’t even need to write words correctly or have to look over our work for small grammar mistakes. We have programmes that are getting