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1. I signed up for this course so I may challenge myself, and so I won’t have to take another course in college. I went to Mr. ‘s office one day to speak to him about my schedule, as he was looking through all my classes, he asked why I wasn’t in Advanced Placement English. As soon as I had told him that I did not want to join the class, he explained to me that I had scored extremely high on the PSAT and that it would be a shame to let my mind go to waste. I was given a day to decide whether or not I would be taking his advice and studying this course. I decided to ask my friends, (most of which have either already graduated with honors or are about to) who told me that although it might be a challenging course, I will be rewarded by not having to take the class in college. Not having to take a harder English course is already reason enough.

2. Last year I was placed in Pre AP English II with . I did not do as well as I probably could have for the simple reason that I chose to not complete any of my homework. I believe I finished the course with a B.

3. I expect my grade to be about the same as last year because I hope to complete most of the homework that is being assigned. The factors that are going to contribute to this grade are the amount of work assigned and the amount of work I put in to raise the grade.

4. As a student who has just started taking AP courses, I can already see a multitude of differences between the levels. The students have a better work ethic and more motivation. They always choose to finish their homework first rather than hang out with their friends or go to a party. They believe that if they put in the right amount of work in school, they will be rewarded when they graduate from school. In other courses, the students do not work nearly as hard as AP alumni. They aren’t challenged and the classes are just plain easy. The difference between the courses has something to do with the teacher’s motivation. Many teachers just care about a paycheck, but I like to believe that the AP teachers teach because they love kids and want to see them flourish.

5. I have always felt that English is a pretty simple course. Ever since I began taking the course when my education started, it was a strong point. My strongest points are spelling, grammar, and, for the most part, punctuation. I do, however, not fair so well in writing which I do believe will cause some problems in my grade. It is also why this assignment isn’t the strongest one I may put out. I hope to study how to create stronger essays and have a better diction while working on my writing assignments.

6. As a student, I have an incredible array of strengths. I respond well to classroom instructions and I am motivated to do well in school. I usually complete my work on time, unless an important event comes up before I can finish it. I may also sometimes complete a lot of my school work ahead of my classmates, in an effort to get ahead in other classes. As a person, I am extremely open-minded and creative. I try to look at dilemmas through another person’s perspective and see what’s happening through their point of view. I try to be kind and fair to most people I might encounter, also. I have a positive attitude, learn extremely quickly, and I am extremely optimistic.

7. I do not have a job yet; although, I am searching for one. I am hopeful that I can find one by the end of this month. I do not play sports because I’m extremely lazy in that area of activities. I’d much rather just go out and play basketball or volleyball with my friends as opposed to being forced to do it on a team. I am involved with the photography club, which meets the first Tuesday of every month. Photography is a pretty amazing club. You have time to