Enzymes: Lab Report Essay

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Introductory Biology 1

Biology 1003

Fall Term 2011

Lab Number: 3

Title: Cell Energetics: Enzyme Role in Biological Reactions

Name: Brandon Moore

Student Number: 100819124

Lab day and time: Wednesday pm

Date: Wednesday November 23, 2011


Enzymes are a key aspect in our everyday life and are a key to sustaining life. They are biological catalysts that help speed up the rate of reactions. They do this by lowering the activation energy of chemical reactions (Biology Department, 2011).

In chemical reactions bonds must be broken and new bonds must be formed. In order for this to occur the bonds must be made less stable. For bonds to become less stable a small input of energy is required and this is
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Once everything is complete the tubes were then taken to the Milton Roy Company Spectronic 21 and the absorbance of each tube was tested.


In part I tubes 1-3 had a very low absorbance. In tube 4 when the enzyme and substrate were present the absorbance increased substantially from below 0.1 to a mean of 0.53. When two times the amount of substrate was added in tube 5 the absorbance increased again from a mean of 0.53 to 0.57. Finally when two times the amount of enzymes was added the absorbance increased a final time from 0.57 to 0.63.

Table 1. The effects of different concentrations on the absorbance of solutions

|Lab Group |Tube 1 Abs. |Tube 2 Abs. |Tube 3 Abs. |Tube 4 Abs. |Tube 5 Abs. |Tube 6 Abs. |
|Our Group |0 |0.05 |0.09 |0.55 |0.68 |0.66 |
|Group 2 |0 |0 |0 |0.61 |0.725 |0.75 |
|Group 3 |0.01 |0.02 |0.01 |0.42 |0.3 |0.49 |
|Mean |0.0033 |0.023 |0.033 |0.53 |0.57 |0.63 |
|SD |0.0058 |0.025