Essay 2

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Essay 2: Explaining Concepts (Ch. 5) – Generation Who?

Paper Requirements:
3-4 pages typed
MLA Format
1 additional source found using the MSJC Library Databases (EBSCOHOST)

Due Dates:
Introduction Paragraph - due Wednesday, March 4 no later than 11:59pm via Blackboard assignment link in Week 6 folder
Peer Workshop Draft – due Wednesday, March 11 no later than 11:59pm via Blackboard Discussion Board in Week 7 folder (see group assignment and find link)
Final draft – due Sunday, March 15 no later than 11:59pm via Blackboard assignment link in Week 7 folder.

Write an explanation of one of the concepts listed below.

Baby Boomers
Generation X
Generation Y
Generation Z or Millennials
Generation Me

You might want to begin by doing some preliminary research about the topic. Please do not use Wikipedia. Consider the following questions:

Which generation do you fall into?
Do you know someone who is in a different generation?
What are the differences in behaviors, values, beliefs, experiences?
What does your research say about your topic? Again, please do not use Wikipedia.

When you have a good understanding of the concept, explain it to your readers, considering carefully what they already know about it and how your essay might add to what they know.

Here’s what to do:
• Identify a focused concept.
• Appeal to the reader with new and interesting information. The reader can be both informed and engaged by lively writing and vivid detail.
• Create a logical plan. The writer clearly cues the reader by strategies such as a forecasting statement, transitions, and/or summaries.
• Provide at least one clear definition. If necessary, you might need to have key terms associated with the concept defined.
• Careful use of sources. Although you may use your own experience and observation, expert sources will lend authority to the essay. Sources must be used and documented in an appropriate standard format. Again, do not use Wikipedia. Use the library database to help you find reliable sources.

Grading Requirements:
• Purpose and audience: Does the writing meet the assignment requirements and engage the audience?
• Idea development: Is the topic appropriate, neither too broad nor too narrow?
Does the topic appeal to the reader with new and interesting information? Is there sufficient information so readers’ questions are answered? Is the concept clearly and fully defined? Are any other key terms defined?
• Organization: Does the title capture the central focus? Does the introduction capture attention, convey the topic and include a thesis? Is forecasting, if used, effective and clear? Do transitions and the overall organizational pattern provide a smooth flow? Does the conclusion provide a sense of closure and make the topic relevant to the reader (Is it more than just a summary)?
• Style: Are the sentence and word choices appropriate to a college essay? Are words vivid, exact and correct? Does the sentence structure add impact? Are sentences complete, smooth, clear, correct