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When you think about losing someone very close to you think about grief, you also think about what it would be like to live without that person. This story is no different from any of the rest except the fact that this story is about the bliss a women from a time when women couldn’t have freedom or rights to be single and live with respect learns that she can have just what she wants and then dies after the thought of losing just that. Today I’m going to talk about story of an hour by Kate Chopin. When talking about this book there are three main points that I must point out first that the story based on irony in my opinion, second that the story is wrote out of its time period and finally the plot of this story. In My opinion this story is based off of irony. In the beginning of the story this women finds out that her husband is deceased and throughout the story she is dealing with the thought of the death throughout this story. First she thinks about the fact that she is now going to have to take care of herself and now for the first time she is going to be alone and she wasn’t use to that idea. Then for a brief moment she is feeling grief at the thought of her husband passing, then all of a sudden she realizes the fact that instead of feeling grief as one usually does she was feeling a since of relief, because now she could be free as a widow and keep her respect. The fact that she dies not because of the joy she was feeling but because he was alive and that wasn’t what she really wanted is what stood out to me the most. She dies when she sees her husband not because she was just unhappy in her marriage but she was going to be one of few women that had rights in a time that, that wasn’t possible. So for her to die after thinking about the fact that her husband isn’t really dead was very ironic in my opinion. Which leads to my second point that this story was wrote out of its time period. To me this story is wrote way out of its time period this is a story about a women who’s whole life is changing in the blink of an eye and it was wrote by a women which was very uncommon because this time period women didn’t have rights and women didn’t write either. In this story most people would think she is being insensitive for being joyful that her husband had passed away, but if you look at the fact that the reason she only was feeling grief for a brief moment is because now as a widow she has all the rights that’s men had because she lost her husband. Women in this time period were still working in the home not working outside the home. So in a sense when you think about the fact that now she was going to