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What we Consume Today
In this world today food that Americas consume is not the same farm grown fruits and vegetables we know from long time ago. This food has been modified some much that people can not tell the difference from if there are eating generically modified food or non-chemical food. Why is that? Why are this company’s getting away with this that could be a crime? Scientist have created a project to some how to help hunger issue by multiplying our food supply using information! Yes, information today 61 of the countries are starting to label their products 40% of the world do not DO NOT label these generically modified foods including America. Why are these company’s not labeling these foods? If they are afraid that people are not going to buy them, then why sell them? The harm that’s being done from these products is that animals are at risk with no voice to say “stop” along with that humans are at risk as well. These companies are fighting to keep the country from labeling product, what is the big secret that’s being kept from the world? The reason being that these companies are not labeling these foods is because they are afraid that people will not buy them. Well of course people will not buy them because they will want the real reason why they wasn’t label in the first. Americans have the right to know what type of food they are consuming; Americans should be able to choose whether or not they want to consumer these products. These products are something