Essay: A Career As A Physician Assistant

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1Page Essay: Throughout my life, I have never stood out, nor have I always been chosen in contests I entered into. Even so, I constantly strived for the best grades throughout college, because effort was only thing I was good at. It was to a point where I believed that putting in the best effort I could is a talent of its own. Mostly it was because I felt achieved when I received the grades that I hoped to earn. Partly, it was because I did not want to burden my mom. My parents divorced back in Korea when I was in second grade; in fifth grade, I immigrated to United States along with my mom, who supported me by herself throughout the years. Without any college degree nor any special skills, she was left doing hard labor. I still recall her …show more content…
I have always loved children, and after volunteering at Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital of Atlanta in summer of 2011, I felt a calling to serve at a children’s hospital. Knowing the tremendous amount of effort that one had to put in order to become a pediatrician, or any doctor in fact, I decided to become a nurse instead. However, the summer of 2014, the summer of my freshman year in college, I met an acquaintance of my mom who was working as a physician assistant. I did not have much knowledge regarding the medical field, and it was the first time hearing about it. She told me that physician assistants had similar duties as that of a doctor, but instead of going through four years of medical school plus three to four years of residency, a physician assistant had to go through two years of a PA school. It sparked my interest, and immediately, I switched my major from nursing to biology and currently am studying in hopes that I will one day become a physician assistant. I have been in a hospital environment, so I do understand that working in the medical field will be full of unexpected situations and serious commitments. Even so, I will continue to aim for my dream no matter what obstacle comes in my