Essay About Fishing

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1.about author
The first time I went fishing I was six years old with my uncle, Then my dad took me to a fishing trip in California where we was. He was expert about fishing however, from that point on I couldn't get enough of fishing. I subscribed to Field and magazine when I was ten, I used to save my money to buy lures to catch one of them. Once when I was 11 years old and I was able to take my friends into trying to catch fish from the local dock. Unfortunately they usually preferred to play basketball.
In college I got a car and using my mobile GPS to pointing the areas where I want to go to fishing with my friends, in those days I was able to fish about two to three times a week. Many times I would get up at 4am, fish
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2. how this book will benefit us
In this book we will learn everything in fishing from a to z about the types of fish ,types of lures, equipment we need it and how we can select it, types of fishing, tips& tricks about fishing and how we can clean and cook the fish.
But first let me notice you about some things you should avoid to get a successful fishing trip:
Going to the sea without being sure of the weather by weather sites, going without having experience about different fishing technique's, There was no ready and equipped for a trip early so forgotten many equipment's, no enough equipment's like lines &lures, you don’t have a variety of lures with you to catch different types of fishes ,you don’t have visor fingers to protect your hands, fishing without enough knowledge about the depth of the sea & the best technique to fish in this area or types of fishes in this area.
So after you have finished reading this book ,you will get benefit knowledge about different fish species ,the best fishing places, all thing you want about fishing equipment's and more.
Enjoy your