Essay About Struggles In Life

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Life can be a struggle, and it can throw many curveballs at oneself. To overcome those struggles one needs to stick to what she believes in and to stay true to oneself. Family means a lot to me. We have always tried to spend as much time together as possible. My dad is an electrical designer and my mom stopped working when I was born so she could spend as much time as possible with me. I have two younger sisters, one is fifteen and one is thirteen. I try to be the best role model possible for them because I want them to look up to me and make good choices. Since I was little I have been very shy and reserved, and because I have been this way I have developed, over the past couple of years, depression and anxiety. However, besides dealing with the struggles, I have …show more content…
The hardest ones being Advanced Placement Psychology, Advanced Placement Language, Advanced Algebra, and Anatomy and Physiology. Although I enjoyed learning about the different topics in each class, there was a great deal of homework and stress involved. Plus I did not take a study hall both semesters. Due to all the stress my homework involved, my anxiety and panic attacks increased, and as the anxiety increased, my depression got worse. As if all the school work was not enough, I also was involved in many extracurricular activities. I am involved in concert band and pep band, which took up my weeks nights because we played at athletic events; Forensics, which involved a weekly practice and weekend tournaments. And finally, Solo Ensemble, meaning a weekly piano and clarinet lesson plus my daily practice. I was trying to balance it all and was having an extremely difficult time. I found myself sleeping all the time and getting sick quite frequently. I knew my mental health was getting worse, but I knew I needed to push on and continue doing well in everything I was involved in. I needed to overcome it all. I wanted to get good grades, do well in band,