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Name: Date: March 12,2013

My Academic Skills Plan for Rehearsing and Memorizing Study Material
STEP 1: What is my present situation?
In the space below, describe the challenges you are having with remembering important information and skills in the courses you are now taking. Feel free to include problems you have that are similar to those expressed by the students you just read about. I have a hard time with grammar and vocabulary words. My instructor would go over some sort of grammar in class, and I would look over them and study them at home. But when it comes down to writing an essay I can’t seem to remember them or use them properly.

STEP 2: How would I like my situation to be?
Describe your desired outcomes and experience for rehearsing and memorizing study materials. When describing your outcomes, use the present tense as if your ideal situation already exists. I understand everything about grammar and know a lot of vocabulary words I didn’t know before. I know how to use them on my test properly and score a 90 or more on my essays.

STEP 3: What actions will I take? 1. Strategy #2 : Create a distributed study schedule
My specific actions: I will take two hours of my time everyday to sit down and study grammar and vocabulary words. I will organize them neatly. Then I will come back to them the next day to rehearse.

2. Strategy #5 : Recite your study materials
My specific actions: I will write down a bunch of vocabulary words I don’t know with the definitions right next to them. Then I will recite each word and the definition out loud until I am familiar enough with the word to be able to use it on an essay.

3. Strategy #13 : Study with flashcards
My specific actions: I will write down a word I don’t know on one side of the flashcard and the definition on the other. Then I will rehearse each word until I am able to figure out the definition without looking at the other side of the flashcard.

4. Strategy #22 : Review, Review, Review
My specific actions: I will spend as much time as I can to study certain vocabulary words and grammar usage. I will rehearse before I go to bed and during any free time I have.

5. Strategy # 7 : Rewrite your study materials-without looking.
My specific actions: I will visually memorize my study material diagram, and copy that same image from my head onto a separate sheet of paper and compare my results to see if they are accurate enough, if I do not succeed the first time I shall go back and try again.

STEP 4 when and how will I evaluate my plan?

An effective way to evaluate any plan is to choose a future date and, at that time, compare your actual situation with how you would like it to be. If you have achieved your desired outcomes and experiences as you define them, you can call your plan a