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Professor Knapp
10 December 2012
A Day in Rome
According to City-Data there are close to 60 million people who visit Rome every year. Those people get to see wondrous sculptures, breathtaking paintings, and an ancient city that has never been more beautiful. In the movie Roman Holiday Audrey Hepburn gets to explore the city until her heart is content. In the movie she takes a day off from being a sheltered princess and gets to experience everything she ever wanted to in Rome. If I ever got the chance to have my own Roman Holiday I would love to see the Vatican City, the amazing sculptures and paintings, and then just have the true tourist experience. My first stop in Rome would be to the Vatican City. I would kill to see St. Peters Basilica. The first thing during my trip to see the Basilica would be to see the Dome that Michelangelo built that is suppose to bring the Heavens and the Earth together. I want to look up and see the simplicity in the design yet the power that it holds and read the inscription Thou art Peter , and upon this rock I build my church. . I want to see the light that it floods onto St. Peter’s tomb. While I am in the Basilica I want to visit the high alter and the baldacchino built by Bernini. I want to be able to see how Bernini worked this piece of art and see the different techniques from the baroque period that he used to turn bronze for the Pantheon to this huge structure.. I also want to see the high alter and the Greek marble that it is made of. To me all those different textures and materials help make the piece of art more magnificent. The next thing I want to see on my Roman holiday is the different arts and sculptures. The first thing in this stop of my tour would be to the Vatican Museums and more specifically Raphael’s Room. The painting that I am most excited to see would be the School of Athens in Stanza della Segnatura. I would love to see the philosophy and the different levels of life that it portrayed. I find it fascinating that people including I, can look at the fresco over and over again and still find different meanings in it. Continuing on my hunt for art and paintings my next stop would be the Sistine Chapel. I really want to see the ceiling that Michelangelo painted for over three years. I want to see in person the different zones of the fresco and how they flow into one another. I want to see the skill that it wook to paint such a large canvas in such a tight cramped space. I think the paintings that I am most interested in would be The Creation of Man and the Drunkeness of Noah. The last thing I want to see in the art