Essay On Black History Month

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Is there a need for black history month? Do we really need a whole month to talk about a certain race's history? In my opinion, there should not be a month based on a race or any religion. If we really wanted to talk more about Black History, we should research it on our own time instead of learning about a certain race's past. I think people feel ashamed that this month is based on their family or cultural past not only because of their specific race but because they want to move on and let things go from what happend in the past, some people dont want to talk about it because it was horryifying to them of what happend. Do we have white history month? Nope. In the case why should people call others by their skin color? Why not call it American history? I think instead of "needing? black history month we need to focus more on acceptance and tolerance of genders,religions,sizes,and color. I think people only want this to be a month because schools leave out big parts of th epast and refuse to teach every bit about history. I am not saying learning more about black history is wrong but i am asking why do we need a whole …show more content…
He as an African American person, thinks black history month is ridicoulous. How many fights are there this month? People find it racist to only have Black History Month. When people do speak their opinions whether we should have it or not others bash on them thinking their against their race .Why are there even months to celebrate things? Why cant we talk about history either all the time or never? This month is supposed to be a remeberance of the black lives in the past, but i know for a fact all races been through something big that had an impact of their lives, like slavery, sexual abuse, even wars. I think if you really wanted black history involved in your family's life, then i would think you would want to discuss it more then just a month out of the