Multiculturalism In Canada Essay

Words: 2001
Pages: 9

After the Second World War, things have become better for everyone in terms of multiculturalism. Initially, the British ruling had shaped Canada as a form of multiculturalism shaped by assimilation towards government policy and British rule. It was a harsh ruling that claimed all citizens under the Church of Britain (Anglican belief) or they would be considered second class citizens. This belief system would later develop into what we now know as our current Canadian identity. Part of this reason could be attributed to the 1971 Multiculturalism Policy of Canada which adheres to the rights of all Aboriginal peoples and the status of its citizens. It allows Canadians to have freedom of belief, being considered equals, keep their identities, taking pride in their ancestry, and have a sense of belonging in the country …show more content…
Canada was the first country in the world to adopt multiculturalism as an official policy. This is exemplary, considering that not even a century prior, Canada had been one of the least hospitable places for refugees and minorities. Canada had adopted the value of diversity, allowing its citizens to participate in acts that were once condemned to them in the past, and allowing people to value belonging in the once harshly ruled country. This policy had become a law, allowing 2013 to be marked as the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Canadian Multiculturalism Act (Discover Canada). This act had been defined as a “fundamental Canadian characteristic” as it “recognizes the diversity of Canadians as regards race, national or ethnic origin, colour and religion as a fundamental characteristic of Canadian society and is committed to a policy of multiculturalism designed to preserve and enhance the multicultural heritage of Canadians while working to achieve the equality of all Canadians in the economic, social, cultural, and political life of Canada” (Discover