Essay On Childhood Trauma

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Childhood Trauma
Childhood trauma has been one of the most common causes of death, due to effects on the victims. Studies have shown that these events affect brain development, the immune system, hormonal system, and the way that DNA is transcribed. The causes of trauma varies from parents with mental illness or alcohol abuse, to neglect, to sexual abuse, to divorce, to experiencing family members die in front of you. Childhood trauma is common around the world and the effects are now being seen in the trauma victim’s offspring. Studies show that five million children are exposed to some severe form of traumatic event in the United States, and more than thirty percent of children exposed to traumatic events will develop serious and chronic
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It is eight to twenty sessions involving the child alone or the child with their parent. It teaches the victim coping skills that will help them deal with traumatic memories. Children receive psychoeducation and are taught relaxation skills, as well as effective expression and modulation, and cognitive coping skills. They use the acronym PRACTICE-- psychoeducation and parenting skills, relaxation, affective expression and regulation, trauma narrative development and processing, in vivo gradual exposure (directly facing a feared object, situation, or activity), conjoint parent-child sessions, and enhancing safety and future development.
Another short term therapy, designed to treat problems with a child’s cognitive, affective, behavioural and physical functioning, is the Stanford Cue-Centered therapy (SCCT). SCCT uses cognitive-behavioural techniques, relaxation training, narrative use and parental coaching. Its goal is to reduce victim’s negative thoughts and cognitions as well as sensitivity to traumatic memory. It encourages children to build coping skills such as relaxation and self-empowerment. They are taught how trauma affects them, so they know how to respond to traumatic