Essay On Civic Engagement

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Civic engagement to me signifies citizens giving back to their community. The purpose of civic engagement is to improve the lives of others within a community. We live in a world where people are unequal, society determines which social class one’s belongs to base on money and power. There is the upper class which consists of extremely rich and powerful individuals, the middle class/working class comprises professionals such as accountants, doctors, lawyers and others. The lower class includes those with low income or who are unemployed. Not everyone belongs to the upper class, in fact the upper class has the least members. It is important to give back to our communities to aid those in needs. There are a number of ways to give back, to me …show more content…
They key club met once a week, there was a table with multiple sign-up sheets for different community service. At the end of the meeting, the students signed up for the volunteering work of their interest. Being a member of the key club allowed me to give back to my community in a number of occasions. One of the community services I completed was at an elementary school, my job was to watch movies with the kids while their parents attend a conference and I also would accompany them to the restroom when needed. Another was to prepare and serve food to kids and their parents at school functions. Once I graduated high school, I became extremely busy and stopped volunteering. Growing up without a silver spoon in my mouth, I understand the importance of helping out the ones in need.
Civic engagement can also be political. Political participation is part of civic engagement. Voting is considered a civic duty. Voting may seem the only way to participate in politics. However, they is a numerous ways to be a political participant. Encouraging people in your community to vote and educating the citizens about the importance of voting are examples of political participation. In addition, wearing bottoms or put stickers on your car to support the candidate of your choice. Also, volunteer to help with the campaign. Protesting is also a way to participate in