Hieroglyphics: Meaning of Life and Hieroglyphics Essay

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Process Paper

I chose my topic by looking in my place of interest, which is Art. I figured that if I found a topic that was appealing to me, that I would not only have fun conducting this research but also learn more about an interesting idea. I thought about doing other Art related topics but they were not as interesting as Hieroglyphics seemed. So, I narrowed it down to a few choices and finally decided on Hieroglyphics, which I feel is a major turning point in history.

First, I started my research by searching facts on Hieroglyphics and it went from there. From here it took me to the History of Hieroglyphics and their meaning. Then, I thought about other sources such as books and articles. Which is when I realized I must have primary and secondary sources. Basically, my research stemmed from just simple facts to long paragraphs about the History of Hieroglyphics and how it influenced what we have now.

I chose to do an Exhibit because, I see myself as an artistic person. I also have more experience with hands on activities rather than a website or paper. I find joy in making and constructing a project instead of an online experience. Another reason for picking an Exhibit, is the fact that I feel I can convey my message more clearly through a poster board with a visual aspect.

The National History Day 2013 Theme is, Turning Points in History: People, Ideas, and Events. Which my topic does relate to, in that it is a significant turning point in History. Not