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Tourism international

After the international tourism has recorded 2008 and 2009 significant declines due to the financial crisis in the 2nd half, the international arrivals in 2010 rose sharply again to 940 million arrivals. The revenues from international tourism are also increased by + 5% to 693 billion euros. These revenues include accommodation, food and drink, local transport, entertainment and shopping of cross-border tourists, but not the cost of international passenger transport as well as the expenditure of domestic tourists. International passenger transport is estimated by the UNWTO to approximately 16% of international revenues.
Among the countries with the highest income from international tourism are the US, Spain, France, China and Italy.

The Hotel Price Index ™ (HPI®) from reflects the
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Compared to 2012, the direct value creation in tourism is therefore increased by 3%. Considering the indirect value added, this results in a value of 25 billion euros for 2013.

The total expenditure of tourists and business travelers and relatives and friends visit amounted in 2013 to about 35.81 billion euros - of which 46.3% of foreign, 53.4% of domestic guests and 0.3% in the course of the stay in weekend houses and period residences. The majority of the spending by visitors accounted for the overnight tourism (62% for residents and 83% for foreigners). The expenses of day visitors thus amounted to 38% and 17% of total expenditure.

After seen product groups make accommodation with 30% and the catering with 27% for the largest share. On tourismusverwante or non-tourism-specific goods and services accounted for 19% on passenger transport 15% to cultural, entertainment and other services 10% and travel agencies or organizers