Essay On Language And Language

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1. Introduction
Emotions are expressed through language. In human life, emotions and language are intertwined in such a way that without one another, ideas and identity of a person cannot be exhibited. Refined form of language that is using words to express one’s emotions aptly according to the situation is the symbol of prestige and maturity. Words play an important role in judging a person’s personality. It could be stated that language is the medium of communication and designer of personality traits.
2. Scope
This research article tries to bring out the power of words, emotions and how it acts in young minds. Is there any need for this research article? Is it going to help anyone in anyway? The answer is yes. This research is not going to give any solution or advice but it find out reason behind the
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Language is the fate deciders and bread winner in the life of many. Schools and colleges are work very hard to develop the communication skills, soft skills and professional etiquettes. The present generation finds more difficulties in finding a job because they failed to exhibit their ideas in interviews mainly because of poor language skills. Recent survey conducted by newspaper daily “Times of India” states that 80% of Engineering students are unemployed. What is the reason? Mobile games are one of the reasons behind this intellectual theft. Without their knowledge, young minds adopt the languages which are used in mobile games. It reflects in their professional oriented performances and personality traits. What is the language use in mobile game? Here, more than language, this research article concentrates on ‘choice of words’. Usages of unparlimentary words are high in number. When it enters into their day today conversation or communication, it affects the