Essay on Observation

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I sat inside the cafeteria of our school for an hour in the afternoon to see how the students socialized between each other, what they were doing there, and what kind of eating habits they had. For socialization I studied whether the students sat alone or in groups. I analyzed the technology and many more things to see what they were doing there and by seeing what the students were eating I got familiar with what the students eating habit were.
Socialization is the key to humanity, without any socialization there will be no humanity. I noticed that there were many students sitting alone rather than in groups. This showed me that many students were not very socially active they just seemed to sit there doing their homework, studying, using their laptop or using their phone to pass the time. Although there was a good amount of groups in the cafeteria most of them were not really talking to each other. Instead they would use their phone or laptop, and every once in a while they would look up at the others but talking was very scarce. But, there actually were a couple groups that spoke to each other instead of looking down at a screen. They were talking, laughing and having fun, while all the other groups would just sit there on their phone or laptop. Almost every group consisted of people from the same ethnicity. There were only a couple of groups that consisted of one or more ethnic groups. Out of all the groups that were there only one of them spoke a…