Essay On Adolescent Observation

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Casey Gainor
May 25, 2013
Edu 225
Dr. Brown
Late Adolescence Observation
During the observation I observed students at Cartersville High School that were in the 9th grade literature classroom. I was able to watch the students in their social environment as well in their physical environment. By watching the children I was able to learn a lot about them and they way that they may interact with other students as well as their teachers. My visit to the high school was very educational.
The physical environment of the ninth grade classroom that I observed was very similar to the layout of the rest of the school. The classroom was set up with desk placed in vertical rows that were separated to make aisle for the students to walk down. The teacher’s desk is on the right side of the room. On the left side of the room were two book shelves one held reading books for the children choice from during the times of the day that the teacher would allow for individual reading time. The other book shelf held dictionaries for the students to use when necessary. The room also contained to dry erase boards one in the front of the room and one in the back of the room. The room also had TV mounted to the wall. Located under the TV was a table with different items for the students to use such as paper clips, a stapler, pencils, pencil sharpener and paper. The different areas of the room are all used at different times of the day.
The students are set up on a traditional schedule of having eight periods a day with one of those periods being lunch. The children are allotted six minutes in between classes for bathroom brakes, locker breaks and time to reach their next class. Teachers are to monitor the hallways while the children are transitioning from one class to the next. The literature class that I observed would have six different periods throughout the day where different sets of ninth grades would attend the class. Each class consisted of boys and girls the class number would range from around eighteen to about twenty-five children. The classrooms would typical have two teachers one teacher was considered the main teacher the other teacher was titled a paraprofessional who worked with the special needs children in the room. The great thing about this classroom room you