Essay On Organ Donation

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Organ donation is a topic that isn’t quite as commonly discussed as several of the other controversies in today’s society, but nevertheless still remains relevant and important to it. Organ donations can determine the well-being of many, and is a major decision for anyone to consider in their lives. Each year many suffer from the lack of organs vital to their health, ranging anywhere from lacking a single kidney to needing an entirely new heart. The main solution that was proposed to this issue was that people can be a licensed organ donor, this means that they, upon death, have given permission to have their organs surgically removed so that someone who is living may have them instead. This idea, however, has sparked many debates upon whether …show more content…
Once they pass away they will have chosen to have several of their organ removed and used for transplantation into another person’s body so that person may continue living life healthily. The difficulty is that there are several precautions to be taken into account for an organ donor, on top of this they are encouraged to hold a discussion with their families over the matter, which can be difficult for close family members to think about, much less discuss with one another. It is also difficult for the surgeons, as organ transplants aren’t always successes, and it can be a tragic experience to be charged not just with someone’s life, but the wasted opportunities another life presented. Because of the difficulty of gaining consent of many, many experts decided to look in to factors that can affect and potentially increase organ donation consent rates, not just within the donor’s, but the donor’s families as well. These studies have concluded that there are many psychological aspects from the traits and personalities of each person, as well as the person’s families that may be affected during the donation of the owner’s organs after their eventual