Essay On Performance Enhancing Drugs

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What are Performance-Enhancing Drugs?
Performance-Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) are synthesized or non-synthesized drugs formulated to enhance certain physical aspects of your body. These drugs can be bought in many drug stores or can be ordered online. With the enhancement of certain characteristics comes the altering of other parts of your body, which for the most part are harmful. No PED is completely healthy for your body, as these side-effects cause damaging and possibly chronic effects.

What side effects usually are there?
Side effects vary from person to person due to the variety of genetics people have acquired over the years of our existence. SIde effects can range from the temporary alteration of the body of a little part of your body, or it can span to a multiple amount of large organs and systems chronic change. These side effects include, but not limited to: baldness, increased aggression, increased fat storage, liver damage, strokes, blood clots, depression and much more.
Most commonly abused PEDs in sports.
Many drugs are used by amateur and professional athletes to gain a physical and “mental” advantage over their opponents. These short
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There are many more long term side effects to performance enhancing drugs than there are good short term effects. In men in can cause a decrease of testosterone with is a main hormone secreted in a man’s sexual organs. These hormones have a significant impact on males depending on how much is being secreted. For example, males will have more hair and faster growth of muscles with more secreting of the testosterone hormone. Anabolic steroids on the other hand have a very deteriorating effect on the production of testosterone. A small production of the hormone for males could mean loss of muscle mass, shrinking of the testes and penis, and also blurry eyesight, and loss of