Essay On White Privilege

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To begin with, Privilege is an overlooked topic by many people in today's generation. Privilege is a condition that puts a person in a more superior position based on skin color, education, gender, or class. Is privilege a good thing or bad thing? How come people become so angry and upset when questions about privilege arise if there is really no issue among rights of different races in our society; many of these questions that are brought up are questions that go through many people's heads but never get talked about. Back in the 1960’s since black and white segregation was a major issue, black and white privilege was a topic that arose during this era.

In addition, During the era of the 1900’s black privilege was getting paid 40% less than whites, either little or no education, not being able to be served in certain places, having sections to
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White privilege is being able to get away with almost anything because of the color of your skin, white privilege is controlling, white privilege is the majority, I believe white privilege is defined as this because majority white people hold powerful positions which control the minority. For example, in The book race class and gender the book talked about Color Blind Racism which is also called race blindness; This is a term used for the disregard of racial data or profiling. One of the quotes I found in the book was “How is it possible to have this tremendous level of racial inequality in a country where most people, ( white's) claim that race is no longer a relevant social factor and that racists are a species on the brink of extinction.” I like this quote because it shows that white people have the privilege of being blind to racial inequality. That they don't have to see that racism is still a problem because they have superior privileges that go