What Factors Enabled The United States To Assist The Allies In WWII

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|Topic/Question: |
|What factors enabled the United States to assist the Allies in winning WWII and how did our victory over Germany and Italy impact our status as a world power? |

|Main Point: What do you want the reader to think, feel, understand, or do after reading your essay? |
|How the involvement of the United States in WWII was greatly beneficial to the Allied powers and the reason that the United States is named as the nation of |
|world power. |

|Thesis Statement: One sentence expressing your main point and the three big ideas!!! |
|It was through the power of the United States military along with the strategy and the leaders that allowed the US to be capable of winning World War Two and |
|becoming the new world power once again. |

|Big Idea #1 |Big Idea #2 |Big Idea #3 |
|Leaders |Strategy |Military Power |

|Conclusion: |

|Supporting Details: |
|1. Roosevelt |
|a. Experience with War |
|b. US people trusted him |
|c. Wise, clever, smart with power |
|2. Eisenhower |
|a. General for US troops |
|b. Led Attack on Africa |
|c. Smart, effective leader |
|3. Truman |
|a. Became president after FDR |
|b. Forced Japan to surrender |
|c. Dropped Atom bombs |

|Supporting Details: |
|1. “Germany First” |
|a. US agreed to attack Germany before Japan |
|b. Hitler greater threat |
|c. Allies could help with Japan |
|2. Fronts |
|a. France(against German |
|b. Sea (against Japan) |
|c. Russians |
|3. Economy |
|a. Coming out of Depression |
|b. Industry booming |
|c. US benefitted from war |

|Supporting Details: |
|1. Navy |
|a. Only second to Japan |
|b. Able to take control with allies |
|c. Carriers developed |
|2. Troops |
|a. Draft provided troops |
|b. Outnumbered Axis |
|c. More powerful with leaders/strategy |
|3. Allies |
|a. Help from leaders |
|b. Added Troops |
|c. Planes/resources |