The Wedding Planner Essay

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the Started Marriage
Lisa D. Jacobs Jacobs 2
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English 090 4202S
19 June 2013

The Starter Marriage

A Starter Marriage is a first marriage that lasts five years or less and ends without the couple having and children together. Most Starter Marriages begin with a couple getting married for reasons not strong enough to withstand the trials of marriage. In some cases, Starter Marriages are seen like starter homes – it is fun in the beginning but you will soon outgrow it. Barbara had her doubts about her fiancé, but her fear of being alone, low self esteem and parental pressure caused her to begin her marriage with an end day in sight. Barbara’s doubts began with her beloved’s less than ideal proposal—“Ok, let’s just do it”. And the wedding planning began. Barbara knew that she deserved a more honorable proposal but because she believed that he was all she deserved she accepted his proposal with no ring. Embarassed to tell family and friends how her intended proposed, Barbara concoted a Lifetime television version of how he popped the question. Barbara’s worst fears were of being alone and an old maid, she told her family and wedding planner that she was going to marry him if it lasted only 30 days. Now, we know that Barbara is also prophetic. Barbara had such low self esteem that she really believed that this man was the universe’ best for her. Barbara had a Master’s Degree, sold virtual real estate for a technology company, was a homeowner and she took the annual Tom Joyner cruise every year. She was self sufficient and self reliant. Barbara was also morbidly obese, and she suffered from low self esteem. She measured her worth through the eyes of Cosmo, Essence, and People magazine. Because she did not think she deserved more from a future husband ,she attracted from the world exactly what she projected out into the world. Barbara hated going to family gatherings and reunions because she know that Big Momma and Aunt CeCe would ask the dreaded questions “Girl, when are you going to lose weight” and “when are you going to find a man”. Finally, Barbara was able to bring her man to last years family reunion. With great pride, Barbara introduced him to her family saving the last