Essay Writing

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Essay Writing
Definition – a formal piece of writing in which the writer explores a certain idea or subject. The essay structure consists of a thesis statement, an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Topic sentences are used to begin and establish paragraphs.
Has a clear focus on a specific idea
Uses evidence to support points
Uses unemotional, reasoned language
Generally avoids (depending on the question) personal pronouns such as ‘I’, ‘you’ and ‘we’

(An essay scaffold and the language of essays is on the R-Drive –English-Textual Forms)

Thesis statements
A thesis is essentially the position or interpretation in response to a question or a topic – a line of argument that needs to be specific. A thesis statement should be an observation or premise which has conceptual substance rather than a clichéd idea or summation and should address important issues relating to the topic being examined. The thesis statement should foreshadow the logical structure of your response.
Introduction outlines thesis argument and how it will be proved in the texts you will be exploring. Argumentation is the process of persuading the reader to accept the validity of your thesis. This argument should then develop in the body of your essay, building from one point to the next in logical sequence.
Analytical goal is to clarify, refine and support your interpretations of the texts studied. Topic sentences are used to present points/ideas that the paragraph makes to support your