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Survey of Healthcare Management
Unit #1 IP
"Health and Wellness"

The name that I have chosen for my organization is "Health and Wellness". Health and Wellness is a health care

organization that meets the needs of everyone. We treat minor and emergency needs, from cuts and boo-boo's to

broken bones and illnesses ( No one will ever be turned away for any reason. We

accept cash, credit and insurance. Payment is expected at the time of your visit depending on your financial situation.

For those customers that are living on a fixed income, we have a sliding scale to meet your financial needs. Those

who are unemployed and have no other means of support, we offer a charity program that collects donations from the

community and other charities to cover all costs of treatment.

We at Health and Wellness understand that many people have fell on hard time with the economy being down. Many

can not afford the cost of a office visit, this is why we have tried our best here at Health and Wellness to cover all

aspects of the financial department to assure no customer will ever be turned away.

By making these accomidations avaliable for a wide variety of customers as well as their families, there will be many

new faces joining our facility This in return will generate a larger revenue with a majority of that revenue increase

coming from those that are new to the practice.

The customers have needs and expectations for their health care organization. Customers want a reliable,

experianced and trust worthy physician that they can trust with their lives and their families lives

( They expect to be treated with care, respect and have that honesty in the

relationship. In this area there would be all different walks of life as customers. There would be the rich & wealthy, the

middle class typical working person & living pay-check to pay-check and then there are the unemployed & no means

of an income those are usually the homeless or those living in a shelter. The main purpose of this organization is to

help those in need even if they are not able to pay for the services rendered, to help others less fortunate. No matter

who you are or where you come from, everyone needs to have access to medical attention. That is why we are here to

help all others.

I would like to see this organization succeed to its fullest potential. From there we could possibly open more locations

in other cities. I would like to help as many people as I possibly can, I understand how hard it is