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Entrepreneurship Reflection Essay
Ana Becker
HCS/567 Entrepreneurship in Health Care
October 8th, 2014
Kelley Imlay

Entrepreneurship Reflection Essay
Entrepreneurs are always trying to come up with new ideas or trying to improve procedures which make this a new innovated idea that will make them different from others. “The way to improve the U.S. health care system is through innovation and entrepreneurism” (Herzlinger & McPherson, 2009, p. 2). This paper will state the influence of entrepreneurship in health care, positive and negative ways that entrepreneurship has affected the health care field, and an example of a recent health care business that has changed the way health care staff perform their jobs or the way patients receive services. Controlling the health care costs in the United States is one of the greatest priorities in health care. Entrepreneurs are now making changes in the way that health care is delivered and the quality of health care that is given.
“Entrepreneurs are reshaping how care is delivered, and changing the services that health plans provide and the financial aspects of health benefits. They are providing models that can be reapplied in other parts of health care to improve the quality of care delivered and dramatically lower the costs of delivering it” (Herzlinger & McPherson, 2009, p. 2).
Entrepreneurs are bringing out new ideas that can financially benefit them, and also are recognized as innovated ideas to the health care industry. In this time people are looking for the new technologies in the health care industry, and what the entrepreneurs have to offer in the lowest price possible.
Positive and Negative Ways that Health Care Field has Been Affected The positive ways that entrepreneurship has affected the health care is the new and improve technologies that healthcare has to offer. “Innovations in the delivery of health care can result in more-convenient, more-effective, and less-expensive treatments for today’s time-stressed and increasingly empowered health care consumers” (Herzlinger, 2006, p. 1). New technology improves patient’s care from inpatient to outpatient, and improve the way that the procedures are done having a faster recovery time. New technologies have the machines doing faster and better work than a nurse and a doctor can do allowing the organizations to see more patients. At the same time the new technology and new equipment can assist the health care professionals with more data needed to improve the health care and quality of care that is given to the patient. The negative way that entrepreneurship has affected the health care is the cut in the way that the insurance payments are made. In the idea of controlling the health care costs, and making sure that we promote wellness and health all the health insurances and new changes in the government and payment methods have disturbed the way that the entrepreneurs conduct business. Due to the cuts in the payment system cuts have been made in many organizations pertaining to the staff, increasing the work load of the employees, and cutting down their benefits and increasing their insurance premiums or deductibles. Increase in the work load of the employees, decreases the amount of quality of care that is given to the patients. In the other hand, the cuts made in the payment system by the government and the insurance companies also affects many of the small companies restricting them to improve their technology in their facility, and unable to continue with their business. Another negative way that entrepreneurship has affected the health care is the new government regulations that are constantly occurring. Because of the new regulations and laws changing constantly in the health care the entrepreneur is unable to adequately keep up with the regulation and it becomes extremely expensive. The new government regulations at times acquires