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Aryn De La Garza
English 2
March 27, 2014

Creon’s Decision

I think his law is very unreasonable, considering all it did for him was cause death of his son Haemon as well as Antigone. Yes it would have prevented anarchy on that particular law, but at the same time I’m sure it caused anarchy about what happened to Antigone and Haemon. It is not necessary to exercise absolute power, because then it gets into their minds and they feel that they can do whatever they want as kings. Thus leading to situations like this tragic tale. When king, such power can go to your head, you can’t tell right from wrong because you’re just too proud to do so. All the conflicts in this play were caused because of Creon’s ridiculous law against burying Polyneices. Had he let someone burry him, all this conflict and death would have been avoided. Antigone would’ve never broken any laws and both she and Haemon would be alive. I understand in order for your subjects to take you seriously as a king you need to lay down the law and stand your ground. But you see, at the same time you’re causing anarchy by laying down such a law. In this case, it’s a lose-lose situation, you keep this law, you’re causing anarchy for not burying him, but you also get anarchy if you do burry him. Either way, it was wrong not to bury him, and it’s wrong to break the law. Both Antigone and Creon were wrong. Antigone’s choice led to her death, and Creon’s Choice led to his son’s death. Both leading to a