Essays: Salem Witch Trials and Little Salem Girl

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Reflection of Act 1 & 2 of “The Crucible” My reflection over the story “The Crucible” is that everyone is full of greed and hatred over land and money back then. So back then in the story they would make up bad things about people like calling them a witch or warlock under the devil, so these families who called out the people with land for their faultiness with the devil, the people would be heard in trail or given these test to see if they are witches or warlocks in the town of Salem. The way the people of Salem test the so called “witches or warlocks” was by dunking them in water to see if they float or drown, they shave them to check there bodies for the marking of the devil, and also if the people thought it was the mark of the devil they would stick it with a needle or a sharp object and they said if it doesn’t bleed or hurt that person then they are considered a witch. So in the story these group of little Salem girl where out with Tituba running and dancing around a pot of chicken and Tituba was chanting, then Mr. Parris caught the girls dancing around that pot and so his daughter Betty fainted making a big scene. Then all the girls made a pact to deny everything and to make up this big thing and Tituba was in it too. So why Betty was fainted, they put her in her bed why she was motionless, pretending to be sick because of a curse of a witch. So Betty stayed asleep so they could trick Mr. Parris and make him think its witchery. Then Mr. Parris and a couple other