Ethical Systems Essay examples

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Ethical systems are the principles from which an individual must use to make a decision. There are several ethical issues involved in cloud computing. Some of the ethical issues that could raise question are control, accountability, security, ownership, and privacy. Being proactive in ethical concerns and issues is a key factor in easing the key individuals in an organization skeptism related to cloud computing. The key individual that is directly related in the topic of lawyers and the use of cloud computing are the lawyers. It is up to the lawyers to take the measures to protect his or her client confidentiality. There are several ethical systems that can be involved when cloud computing is present. The primary ethical system would be a duty-based ethical system. It is the system where the lawyer has a moral obligation to behave in a certain way. There is right and wrong and it is regulated by an outside authority. There are laws set in place and there are consequences lawyers will face if he or she does not take every measure to protect his or her client confidentiality. Rights-based ethics are also involved. The clients have the right to be protected with legal rights and moral rights. The last type of ethics involved are virtue-based ethics. It is believe that the companies that are being used for the cloud computing and the attorneys using them are acting with integrity to ensureing that clients information is protected from any possible threat. Most lawyers are in