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Alternative Assignment Week 2

The class discussed business ethics and ethical approaches. Professor Coleman asked the class if they were supervisors how they would handle and argument between 2 employees. Would you be neutral or would you immediately take one side? What if the argument is something that is unethical? My immediate response to that question is that I would be neutral and be the devil’s advocate for both so they both can see each side. Jermaine suggested that he would try not to get involved too soon in the dispute and I would agree with that as well. Martha said if you get involved too soon then the employees do not have much of a chance to really communicate and try to resolve the issue on their own. As a supervisor I would want to be aware of a dispute between two employees but I would also want to know that I have a good team that they would invest in trying to resolve the issue on their own. I believe that an employee team is a direct reflection of their supervisor. The discussion of the behavior being unethical was interesting as I would agree with the majority in that the supervisor should still be involved even if the behavior is unethical rather than just letting HR deal with the matter. For my previous employer it would be the manager who would deal with the matter. The manager would have to communicate with HR first just to make sure they are doing and saying what’s appropriate and accurate, but they would deal with the matter.
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