Ethics and Laws Essay

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Ethics and
In organizations

Ethics in an organization

Ethics plays a significant role in health care

Ethics are a set of guidelines

In Ethics general rules apply to specific situations

When two entities are valued but come into conflict, ethic typically in abstract terms are derived

Law is all about the political process

Laws are sometimes voted by the public and comes from a vast amount of people

Authorities also impose laws that are in place

In the United States, Laws are far often created to benefit businesses, or a political powerful group

Laws in and organization

• Law

and Ethics conflicts with each other often

What is ethically right may be considered wrong in the eyes of the law !!!!!!!!

Laws often change will ethics remain the same depending on the situation

When laws are violated, you are punished.

Laws are practiced differently in other countries

Laws are the final arbiter in society

Laws governs the practice of medicine

The mission is to protect health care through proper licensing and regulation of physicians and surgeons and certain allied health care professionals and objectively enforce the Medical Practice Act

To Promote Access to quality medical care through the Board’s licensing and regulatory functions is the goal of law in health care

Deciding on whether to do something or not

Weighing up the potential impact of your decisions or actions

When you have to judge what is right or wrong

What are ethical issues in Health Care

4 key Ethical principles
Autonomy-Support people in their own choices
Beneficence-Act on behalf of vulnerable people to act