Ethics: Ethics and Personnel Ethics Essay

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Personnel Ethics
Ethics 316

In order to understand ethics lets define it. “Ethics: an area of study that deals with ideas about what is good and bad behavior: a branch of philosophy dealing with what is morally right or wrong” ( Trust in chooses individuals make in support of their company or themselves is defined by their character. In today’s companies the thin line between trust in individuals as well as in products are question. We find it difficult to trust without proper background checks, with ethics being the foundation. The world of business ethics in today’s markets, question the fortitude of person will to make a decision that is productive in helping there company or themselves. We are raised in a world of right and wrong following rules and breaking them. You learn this at an early age and are built upon over time. Teachers and parents are a key part of this training, trust is the foundation that every great company. Ethics are different for each individual based on their environmental surroundings.

“An understanding of ethics, social responsibility and cultural diversity provides students with the ability to consider the impact of their conduct and actions. At University, students are required to behave ethically and responsibly in relation to: cheating in examinations or assessment items; acknowledging the intellectual property rights of others; falsifying or improperly obtaining research data; and assisting other students to cheat. Students are also expected to: treat University staff with courtesy at all times;
Contribute to a culture of respect and tolerance between students; and demonstrate respect for difference.” (

Our personal family, friends, classmates and peers as well as college help to shape our duty base. One example is the duty of a college student to put his or her class work above else. They have a personal duty to themselves to try in do their best on assignments which helps shape ones view of dependability. Company’s look for college graduates to build their companies. The feeling on college graduates, or that they