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Case Study
The article that was given to us covers various ethical issues that take places throughout many different situations. It mostly talks about the privacy rights that are being taken away from us when we go on basically every website on the internet. There are websites that get paid to allow spy ware to be on their websites so when people go to download from a certain website they are also downloading the spy ware without knowing it. For example if you go to a game website and download a game, while doing that you are also allowing a spy ware to get onto your computer and follow your tracks throughout the internet so they know what you visit and go on. They do this so they are able to implement advertisement that would interest you more. This is found that it is not ok that these spy wares are doing this. They are deleted off computers millions of times yet they always end up back on the computers unwanted. They are able to get into your private information and see what your track record of things are which many people would like to be kept private. It is now said that other companies are getting into this spy ware as well such as insurance companies. They do this to see what diet you are eating and what you buy so they can base insurance rate on those things. Many people say this is wrong and it is starting to have bills and laws passed against companies that slip in there spy ware into downloads that are unwanted and is starting to be forced to have warning and fines against this. In the case of John Anderson, the ethical issues that are brought up could be classified into two categories. Property rights and obligations, and accountability and control, these two categories are both touched on because the spy-ware company is violating the property of John Anderson. They do this by accessing parts of his computer without his consent. This is a problem because the worker does not want the pop up on his computer or for it to be opening his CD trey. This is an invasion of privacy and causing him an inconvenience while trying to do other work or look things up on his computer. They also deceive people because of the fact that people believe that they are downloading certain programs but, are unaware of the add-ons that come with the program. This is a problem because people will download things not knowing that they are allowing other workers to access their person information for their research. Also insurance companies are starting to look into what people are buying and eating and using it to increase their insurance. This violates the ethical standard of informational rights and obligations because it makes people have to worry about the types of groceries that they purchase. This type of information is not something that needs to be shared with an insurance agency and becomes an ethical issue. It is unfair to those who have to go and make purchases for their whole family; things that are bought do not necessarily reflect the type of life that a single person lives. Although the companies believe that it has a certain level of relevance, it still not right that companies should be able to look into your personal purchases in order to make a judgement on the type of insurance that you are receiving.
The stakeholders in these situations such as the spy ware programs are very happy about the issues that are occurring. They think that they are doing nothing wrong, they believe that when you download a file because you are hitting accept then you are allowing there spy ware into your computer even though you are downloading something else for a different use. They think that they are really helping the people with the advertisement because they are tracking what they are looking up and believe that they are helping them with the searches that they are doing. The insurance company things that they are doing nothing wrong because they even said that the auto insurance companies look into your