Ethical Lens Inventory Paper

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Ethical Lens Inventory Paper
Samantha Garza
August 27, 2013
Steven Edington
Ethical Lens Inventory Paper
While doing the ethics game and answering the questions as it relates to my own values, I thought it was very interesting. I say this because there were questions that had similarities, but with different answers to pick from. When completing the lens assignment, my results were very surprisingly to me.
My preferred lens is none – periscope or paralysis. While reading and understanding what my preferred lens was, I was astonished to find that I had none. On the results page is says that I “see the gifts and the weaknesses of each lens and are able to move fluidly among them to adapt the right tools to each situation to assure the best outcome”, Ethics games 2013. So seeing as I use all four lens; rationality, autonomy, equality, and sensibility does not mean that I good ethical skills. Though it can mean I have great skills and know when to use each lens, but at the same time I can be too desperate and determined to make everyone happy and pleased.
As for my core values they are; Autonomy, Equality, Rationality, and Sensibility. I value autonomy and equality equally. I see how “protecting individual rights and the well-being of the community work together and check excesses in order to achieve the best outcome”, Ethics games 2013. I value rationality and sensibility equally. I am both consistent and flexible for the best solutions. I believe even though there are universal principles,” every situation is unique and not all exceptions can be categorized.”
I learned that I have classical values and that I value individual balance and restraint in the desire for pleasure as I seek to make sure I satisfy my duties. My classical values are temperance, prudence, justice and fortitude. On the results for the ethics games, it said that my key phrase is “I make ethical choices for myself and others.” To me this was very interesting and surprisingly because though I do make ethical choices for myself, I am not too sure that I make ethical choices for others besides my children. My definition of ethical behavior is that I do the right thing. The tools I use for analyzing problems are reasons, experience, authority, and tradition.
My gift is balance among all four lenses. I can see the benefits of each of the lenses and I can also use the tools of all of them. I learned that I make my decisions based on all four gifts which are: free will, compassion, justice and self-knowledge. I have also learned that I have no blind spot, which is new to me because I thought that I did have one. I never knew that I am able to see both the weaknesses and strengths. My risk is inaction which is taking a risk of seeing everything and deciding to do nothing.
Based on the results, my temptation is superiority and my vice