Ethics in Technology Essay

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Current Event
Ethics in Technology
Management 407
July 25th, 2013

An article titled, Down’s syndrome cells ‘fixed’ in first step towards chromosome therapy, talks about current research aimed toward correcting the genetic fault that causes Down’s syndrome. This technological breakthrough has allowed researchers to prevent Down’s syndrome in mice, by silencing the extra chromosome 21 in early embryos (Sample, I. 2013). The technology could theoretically work in humans but this brings about a very difficult ethical issue. To prevent Down’s syndrome, the genome editing would have to be performed on an embryo or fetus in the womb (Sample, I. 2013). This would correct most, if not all, the future of the child’s cells.
The source of the article is a very well known newspaper, the Guardian. The source aims to tell about the new technology in genetics and how it could effect a huge population of people plagued by Down’s syndrome. The piece is very scientific and is not persuasive like my last article. The author stands on neutral ground throughout the article and delivers the facts.
This article is very helpful in my understanding of ethics. The pushed me to think in a manner I had not before. I have been learning about ethics and why they are important but this article is one that really hits home. The technical advances that allow us to alter life, are they ethical? Who can determine if these technological advances are ethical and why do they have that power? Currently today, this technology is not allowed for use in humans because it is said to be unethical. Our book talks about ethical reasoning and how attempts can be made to solve an ethical problem. In the first step you decide