Ethics Of An Employee At Riverside Foster Care Agency

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If I were an employee at Riverside Foster Care Agency, and my supervisor was specifically asking me about a co worker that I know has not been going to visits that they claim they have, I would definitely tell my supervisor. As human services professionals it is our responsibility to follow ethical guidelines for our clients and our agency. The issue I see here is whether or not the human services worker should tell on their coworker, or lie to their supervisor. I'm not sure that I would just blatantly tell on the coworker, but if asked, it would be unethical to lie to my supervisor. If my coworker had told me this information, I would try to convince them to discuss the scheduling conflicts they are experiencing with a supervisor. I would let them know that the responsibility I have to the community, society, the client, and my organization is much greater than my relationship with my coworker. I might also explain that she is not fulfilling her duty to the client and bring to the coworkers attention of how unethical it is to not attend the visits, but also to lie to a supervisor. Autonomy is the first principle that comes to mind in this situation. In this case it is the autonomy of the coworker that is key. By encouraging them to do the right thing and leaving it at that would be giving the coworker the right to have free will to make the best decision for them. Telling the supervisor would be breaking autonomy for the coworker. My course of action after