Diversity In Classroom

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On my next essay I will discuss how you wold address diversity of learning in classroom. Diversity is the wide variety of something. When we think of diversity, multiculturalism may be the first thing to come in mind. Diversity in the classroom may include: students coming from diverse socioeconomic back group, students with learning and physical disabilities, students with different learning styles and gifted students.
I as a teacher will teach the classroom what diversity means and how it is manifested in their own classroom. For student in the classroom to understand lesson you have to choose different students who will represent such diversity and then highlight how each of this students adds something valuable and unique to the classroom.
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1) What will I do as the teacher to maintain diversity in classroom?
2. Get to know your students and build relationships with them.
3. Highlights the diversity of your
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Diversity in your class: identify how diversity affects the classroom and provide practical tips for promoting an inclusive classroom.
5. Provide an array of different learning tools. kids, you could pair up the students for their work. Give them simple questions so they get to know each other. The key for giving them question is for students to value their diverse classroom and peers. This may create inclusiveness within the classroom.
Promoting diversity is a goal that is shared by many American colleges and universities, but actually achieving this goal in the day by day at classroom it is often hard to do. The goal of teaching this module is to highlight the key challenges and concerns in promoting diversity in the classroom. Diversity is a term that can have many different meaning depending on context, this module will highlight two keys that are related to diversity:
 Identify how diversity affects the classroom.
 Provide practical tips for promoting an inclusive in classroom.
Identify how diversity affects the classroom, students come to the university classroom with different backgrounds, sets of experiences. Cultural contexts and world views. Issues of diversity plays role in how students and teachers view the important of the classroom and what should happen. E.g. assumptions about what a typical student should know, the resources they have and the prior knowledge are extremely