Ethics Reflection Paper

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Ethics Reflection Paper
Ethics and social responsibility are key factors when planning one’s personal life or planning for the success of a business. When companies develop strategic plans, they must consider what role ethics will play and how social responsibility will affect the plan keeping stakeholders need at the forefront. If businesses and individuals are making a conscious effort to display ethical behavior, ethical perspectives and beliefs should evolve over time much like what has happened in the master’s of business administration (MBA) program.
Role of Ethics and Social Responsibility in Strategic Planning
Ethics are guidelines used to help management and employees conduct themselves according to the values and standards set
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Outside of being accountable to owners and the business, managers also have to select the ethical approach that will ensure the consumer is getting the best service at a reasonable cost, jobs are being offered to those who need them, consumers do not have to fear product risk, and that they are taking care of their financial responsibilities to the government. Regardless of the approach selected, consistency is important as not to send a signal of injustice and consistency allows companies and individuals to reach their end-state goals without having to waste time and money.
Ethical Perspectives
At the start of the MBA program, ethics and ethical behavior were and still are a very important part of conducting business and in how others are treated and perceived. This program reemphasized the importance of the role of ethics and how people in society should work hard to create a personal and corporate culture that fosters accountability and ensures everyone conducts business in an ethical manner.
Being a part of a team during each class was a very good test of ethics, beliefs, and the ability to display patience and understanding towards other people. Some team members had little respect and showed