The Eugenics Movement Essay

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The eugenics movement has been a violation to the North Carolina citizen’s human rights. The eugenics movement has violated the people’s right to be informed and the right to reproduce. The eugenics movement is morally wrong itself. It should be prohibited in modern American society.
The eugenics movement violated many of the citizens of North Carolina’s right to be informed. Patients who were hospitalized were never told they were going to go under an experiment, the experiment known as the eugenics movement. These victims were never told they would be sterilized and never have children again. Victims were lied to and were never told the actual purpose of the surgery being done. As reporters Laura Leslie and Renee Chou reported “Holt was institutionalized at the Murdoch Development center in Butner as a teen and was told he could get out and return home if he underwent a surgery”. Holt was never informed in detail of the type of surgery being done and if any side effects would occur. Anybody who underwent through this process was basically used as a “hog” says Riddick, hogs who didn’t know what could happen after being sterilized. This proves that North Carolina obviously violated the citizen’s right to be informed.
The eugenics movement is not only wrong because it violated people’s right to be informed but it’s just morally wrong itself. Can you imagine yourself being used as an experiment not knowing what’s going on? Is North Carolina involved in some type of terrorism? Now days you see dictators on television who kidnap children or young adults and use them in any form they want. The eugenics movement in North Carolina targeted many young adults and used them as they wanted. Isn’t this basically the same thing? Laura Leslie and Renee Chou reported “Elaine Riddick said she was sterilized in 1968 at age 13”. This harsh movement shouldn’t be supported. How can our nation advance without reproduction, having no new