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Euthanasia, also known as Mercy Killing, is putting an end to a person’s life to
relieve them from suffering. It basically promotes suicide that may lead to murder and stops a
person from reaching their dreams.

When you agree to end a person’s life, you are supporting suicide and it is
another way to define Euthanasia. In the poem “David”, When David’s foot got trapped by a
rock, Bob wants to go and ask for help but David stops him. He asks him to push him over a cliff
so that he won’t be spending his whole life in a wheelchair. In the beginning, Bob doesn’t want
to do it but then, David uses Bob’s guilt to convince him. Just like what happened in the movie
“Million Dollar Baby”. Maggie had an illness called, Tetraplegia, which may result to total loss of
use of all her limbs and torso. It’s like half of her body is paralyzed. Maggie suffers from too
much pain and depression. She asks a favor to his trainer, Frankie, to help her die while she
can still hear the cheers of the people who supports her. At first, Frankie refuses her favor but
soon changes his mind. One night, he decided to do what Maggie asked him, and that is to kill
her. But before he injected the adrenalin, He tells her the meaning of the nickname he gave her.
As soon as Frankie injected her, he disappeared and never came back.

“Don’t let me lie here, ‘till I can’t hear those people chanting no more”, says
Maggie. Frankie replied, “I can’t. Please don’t ask me.” “I’m asking you”, Maggie answered. (A
Million Dollar Baby)

When you kill someone because they asked you to, this may lead to murder.

Euthanasia can also be defined as murder. In the book “Of Mice and Men”,
Lennie gets into trouble. The guys of the ranch are looking for him and wants to kill him.
George, Lennie’s best friend, had no choice but to kill Lennie. He doesn’t want to do it but he
has to because he doesn’t want the other guys to punish Lennie and makes him suffer. In the
movie “You Don’t Know Jack”, many people rallied and protested against Jack, who is a
physician who advocates assisted­suicide. His job is to end the sufferings of his patients by
killing them. Many people protested against him because they believe that Jack is a murderer.

“Only God can create and destroy. Have you no religion; Have you no god?” says
the protester. Dr. Jack Kevorkian answered, “Oh I do, lady. I have a religion. His name is Bach,
Johann Sebastian Bach. And at least my god isn’t an invented one”.…