Evidence Based Practice Nursing

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What Role Evidence-Based Practices play in Nursing in Hospital Floors? Nursing. It requires the nurse to approach one’s practice in a matter that not only focuses on the health issues of the patient but rather encompassing the whole well-being of the person, which includes the physical, physiological, mental, psychosocial, and emotional aspect of the client or service user. It is therefore necessary for the nurses to have a wide array of knowledge, skills, and attitude to deal with it. This essay will explore the context of evidence based practice in nursing on hospital floors.
The nursing care deliver model that best describes the process that should/are on the hospital floors are total patient care, functional nursing, and team nursing.
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To try to get as much information as possible from the patient, the nurse should use open-ended questions rather than questions that can be answered with just yes or no’s. They should also do physical assessment, taking vital signs, and noting any diagnostic test results that were done. When diagnosing their patients they should identify any common patterns/symptoms. When planning a care plan the nurse has to make sure that the outcome is specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, and timed. Then the care plan has to be implemented, but while the nurse is doing this they should also be assessing any new things that come. The last steps is evaluating the patients care plan and see if what you had written down for the planning happened in the timing that you said that it would happen by. According to Hockenberry, “Evidence-based practice is the integration of valid and applicable patient-reported, nurse-observed, and research derived information. Evidence-based nursing practice combines knowledge with clinical experience” (Hockenberry et al, 2009, pg. 28). Also in a table from Hockenberry they have the nursing process and how it related to evidence-based practice. “Assessment- collects patient data; EBP- Asking the …show more content…
Without these three things, there probably would be lots of mistakes and deaths because if you disrespect the patients culture or religion then they are just not going to listen to as much, communication because if you don’t communicate with the patient, their family, and the rest of the staff members then not a lot of stuff would be done when no one is told to do something or if something is needed, and the nursing process because you can analyze the symptoms and make a care plan to try and get the patient better before going to the next symptom or