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Chapter 5
Know why organizations go through the process of HR planning and forecasting.
What are the necessary steps?
How would you determine demand? Supply?
Role of goal setting.
Be able to discuss the various ways employers enact HR plans and why they choose one over the other.
Contract Workers
Temporary Workers
How do you evaluate HR Planning?
Describe yield ratio and cost per hire.
Know what recruiting is, the 3 decisions organizations must make, and who makes these decisions.
Personnel Policies
Internal vs. External labor markets
Sources – Positives and negatives of each
Direct applicants
Print media
Public employment agencies
Private employment agencies
Executive search firms
Recruiter Behavior
Does it matter?
What are some behaviors that have a positive/negative effect on applicants?
Be able to list predictors of recruiting outcomes.
What group is the best predictor of job choice?
What is Attraction-Selection-Attrition framework?
Describe Signaling Theory.
Explain how organization branding/image affect recruits.
What are realistic job previews?
Discuss customization of recruiting practices.
Understand the concerns of impression management and justice in recruiting.
Chapter 6
What is the goal of personnel selection?
Differentiate between:
Predictor vs. Criterion
Construct vs. Measure
Know each standard of measuring effectiveness of selection tools.
Predictive validation
Concurrent validation
Interpret and discuss correlation/validity coefficients.
Know why we care about face validity
Recognize tools that are rates as favorable or unfavorable to candidates.
Be able to describe each of the following selection tools, including the benefits and consequences of using them, and what they predict:
Work Samples
General Mental Ability test
Personality assessment
Know all 5 FFM traits and what they measure
Structured vs. Unstructured
Legal vs. Illegal question types
Assessment Centers
Honesty/Integrity tests
Situational Judgment tests
Physical Ability
Understand the various models used to make selection decisions
Minimum qualifications vs. Top-down vs. Compensatory
Discuss the multiple hurdle system and why it is used.
Chapter 8
Define job performance and the various types.
What is performance management?
Know each of the three goals of performance management.
Why do we care about strategic congruence?
Understand why reliability and validity are critical to performance management.
Inter-rater reliability
Test-retest reliability
Describe contaminated and deficient performance measures.
Know the various ways we measure performance:
Comparison methods (3)
Rating attributes
Rating behaviors
Be able to distinguish between BARS and BOS
Results approach
Describe management by objectives and how it relates to strategy
What is 360-feedback?
Discuss the sources of performance information used in 360-feedback
Identify and describe various cognitive errors.
Identify and describe various distributional errors.
How do you reduce these errors in performance appraisals?
Discuss the role of