Exam: Morality and Strong Organizational Culture Essay

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During the first week of class we learned about organizational behavior and the different complexities that are associated with personalities and behavior patterns stemming from organizational structures. Professor Dorsey did a great job with student introductions and topics of discussion. We learned simply from the introductions that everyone has various interests, hobbies, backgrounds, degrees of affiliations that invariably make up the composition of each individual contributing to the uniqueness of each person’s character and individual make-up.
Our reading assignment was based on evaluating the individual characteristics of employees and the effects that those individual characteristics has on organizational performance. It was extremely interesting to discuss how the influence of behavior have on organizational structure. We also learned that the culture within an organization plays a major impact on influencing corporate and individual behavior within an existing structure. When people are at work they have to act one way compared to the way they act at home. If the business does not put into place a strong organizational culture, then there could be a tremendous amount of unethical behavior in the work place. Customers can then contribute low ethical and moral behavior to low organizational structure.
All workplaces have the presence and influences of power and politics. Without the right kind of minoring process in the work place, this could cause discord for