Examples Of An Analytical Essay

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When writing a analytical essay, there are many different topics that you can discuss. When discussing these topics, you must explain in detail, using supporting quotes and examples to help prove your point. It must include a thesis that concisely sums up your view point and mentions all three of your arguments. It must also include a conclusion which helps summarize and recap all of the arguments that you supported. Do not restate all of your evidence here; people have already read those in the actual body of the essay.

Character and gender

How are male/female characters represented.

Does gender influencers character choices.


Discuss the way your author uses the setting to make it real/vivid to readers.

How is setting used to deliver a message in the story.

Consider relationship between characters and setting.


Why is this symbol in your story.

Explore the importance of a particular symbol in the whole story

Plot and structure

How does the structure/way your story is told help delivers message(narrative voice)


In what way is the theme used to unite the different elements of the story? How is this evident?
(Plot,character development, and conflict)
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