Examples Of Stereotypes In Mean Girls

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Mean Girls, a very popular movie amongst teenage girls directed by Mark Waters, showcases the different groups of teenagers in high school. Even though the movie was produced in 2004, it’s still relevant today.
The movie is about a girl named Cady, who is the “new girl” at the school. She lived in Africa for 12 years and was home-schooled her whole life. When she arrives at her new school her goal is to be able to “fit in”. In Mean Girls, we see the typical stereotypes of certain groups in high school, like the popular kids, jocks, cheerleaders, or the different ethnic groups. Every teenager can somehow relate to this movie. Mean Girls is a very important film because it shows the lives of teenagers in high school, as well as the characteristics of a high school environment. One of the most common stereotypes used in the movie is the popular kids, otherwise known in the movie as the “Plastics”. They are made up of three girls; Regina,
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When Cady first arrives in the cafeteria, the Plastics invite her to sit with them. Cady tells them how she moved from Africa and was home-schooled there. One of the Plastics asks, “If you’re from Africa, why are you white?”. One of the other Plastics immediately responds, “Oh my god Karen, you can’t just ask people why they’re white!” These racial stereotypes can appeal to the audience because at some point we all can relate to them. The producer presents them in a humorous way and shows how quick we are to judge people. The stereotypes that the movie, Mean Girls, presents are not only relatable to teenage girls, but also to adults as well. The movie does have some negative effects, like teenage girls thinking they have to change themselves in order to fit in, but the movie also has some positive effects. For example, when the movie ends, all the Plastics learn their lesson and find other groups to join, instead of being the popular group at their